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About me

My personality, my image, my S_ignature.

Proud to be unique and dress as I am.


I am Fanny Pradier, a French women native from Paris living in NY for almost 6 years.

I have been an event expert for 10 years, organizing numerous worldwide events in fashion, entertainment, education, tech and diplomacy.

My image has always been one of the main central point of my profession. I had to perfectly know myself, what I wanted to do and become, how to communicate the right message and how to express myself as I am.

Passionate of people and fashion I decided 2 years ago to be by your side by helping you to define who you are, to accept your identity and to create your image signature and be proud of it.

I want to have a different approach of image consulting by offering a personal development on each experiences.

I always had a perfect instinct and sensitive way to find the right outfit for my beloved ones. I can easily define a body type, a style and have so much fun to mix and match pieces, shapes, fabrics and colors together.

After 2 years of an hard and interesting training at Parson and FIT, I am delighted to be your future expect image consultant to make you proud of who you are. 

Let's have fun !